Dr. John Diamond, doctor, healer, photographer, artist, is a pioneering figure in alternative and holistic medicine. The founder of the Arts-Health Institute and the Institute for Life Energy and Creativity, the summation of his work has been drawn together in a major healing system called The Diamond Path of Life. In addition, he is an author of over twenty books, including eight on art and creativity and two best-sellers. Fundamental to his healing method is the therapeutic value in the creation of art. To this end he has dedicated over thirty years to art and photography identifiable by a simple and potent beauty. He encourages not only making art that is of benefit to the viewer, but also approaching the process of creating so that it is in itself a meditation. His artwork represents a synthesis of all aspects of his fifty plus years of experience in health, healing and the arts.

Even in the early stages of Dr. Diamond’s artistic experimentation, he searched for the most effective methods to transmit healing energy into his work, researching various painting media, tools and methods. Dr. Diamond began using pencil, but eventually found ink and paint to be more efficient in conveying the desired strength of line and providing the flow and gestural embodiment necessary for his vision. His experiments with surfaces have led him to his current focus on foamboard, clayboard, silk scrolls and screens. Parallel with his interest in painting and drawing, he has extensively explored the field of photography. His belief is that every photograph should ideally be a testimonial of mutual resonance between the photographer and the subject. Now in his mid-seventies, Dr. Diamond paints avidly in his USA and Australian studios and continues to photograph, write and teach throughout the world.

With a philosophy reminiscent of Tibetan sand mandalas—a Buddhist tradition of painting circular diagrams with colored sand which are ritualistically destroyed after their formation—Dr. Diamond originally did not keep or display his creations. He believed that in the making of therapeutic art, the focus should be on the process of creation, not the end result. After years of this practice, and on the urgings of family and friends, he began expanding his artistic career by allowing pieces to be framed and displayed.

Dr. Diamond has exhibited his work and lectured on art and photography in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, Italy and Cyprus beginning in 2007 with a sold out photography exhibit and lecture at the British Council in Moscow.

His recent solo art and photography exhibitions in 2010-2011 included: Aarwun Gallery (ACT, Australia) Q Gallery (New South Wales, Australia) the Japanese Gardens (Cowra, Australia), the Dyson Center for Cancer Care, Vassar Brothers Medical Center (Poughkeepsie, NY), Pritzker Gallery (Highland, NY), the Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park (San Diego, CA), and, most recently the Bendheim Gallery (Greenwich, CT).

Upcoming exhibitions for 2011-2012 are scheduled in New York, Connecticut and Australia. His art is on permanent display at the Hilligoss Gallery in Chicago.

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