Surrounded by the tranquil beauty of nature and ambient light, the art that is created through me encapsulates the healing power of Action Meditation, a practice that involves outward action while keeping an inner stillness. With this transcendent therapeutic method, my intention is to allow my drawings, paintings and photographs to be charged with Life Energy; a term which I use to describe the innate healing power of the body. This is an essential healing component of my artwork that is intended to not only please the eyes, but balance emotions, and stimulate mind and spirit.

Through my meditation, creative potential is awakened, generating a pleasing balance of color, composition, and texture in my paintings. The gestural movements of my brush form graceful strokes illustrated throughout my Stillpoint Series, visual Haiku poems released in the span of one tranquil breath. Through the use of ink and paints, a potency of line is established; splashes of color accents harmonize the compositions and add playful implications. These current expressions have led me to experiment with hand-made silk scrolls, screens, clayboard, foamboard, and other materials. My interest in sustainable living and decreasing the collective carbon footprint compels me to only use elements and tools that contain the lowest possible levels of toxicity. Similarly my photographic work, containing images of people, natural landscapes, and the abstract, embraces the same aesthetic considerations.

Through my extended practice of Action Meditation, healing and spiritual development, state of mind, surroundings, and the tools that I utilize at the time of execution, my intention is to create works of art that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also infused with an unabridged transference of high Life Energy from my work to the observer. Thus it is my deepest aspiration that my approach to painting and photography can be both beneficial for all to overcome the deep anguish inherent in the unconscious mind, and valuable in a broader societal sense. Of equal importance are the process, Action Meditation, and the final product Life Energy Art.


Drawing from over sixty years of experience in health and healing, the Creative Arts have become an essential component in my therapeutic practices as a venue to facilitate restoration of the mind and body. My interest in the transcendental qualities of human nature led me from the traditional medical profession allowing me to mature as a holistic healer and teacher. I have spent many years investigating, researching, and refining multiple factors in order to maximize all of the Arts restorative significance, publishing over twenty books including two best-sellers.

I work with the unconscious mind to improve and release the therapeutic value in artistic creation. Through this practice, the Arts can enhance people’s lives, promoting true healing, healing from within.

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